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Code Of Ethics Resolution

Be It Resolved that as a member of the Professional Aircraft Sales Association, I am committed to conducting my business according to the highest professional standards of the industry.

Be It Resolved that I will always present accurate specifications of for-sale aircraft and will make truthful and factual representations in all cases; concealment, exaggeration or misrepresentation will not be tolerated.

Be It Resolved, full and accurate disclosure of charges and costs will be presented in any transaction and that all pertinent documents pertaining to the transaction will be maintained according to good business practices.

Be It Resolved that all ownership interests in any aircraft will be revealed early in any projected transaction.

Be It Resolved that special care will be taken not to mislead the owner or the buyer as to the market value of the aircraft.

Be It Resolved that all valid offers received on the aircraft will be submitted to the seller promptly and all prospective purchasers will be informed of any accepted offer.

Be It Resolved that compensation for any given aircraft shall be accepted from the buyer or the seller but not both without written permission. Further compensation shall not be paid on an indirect or direct basis to any persons or employees party to the transaction without written permission.

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